How Jessica Alba and Husband Cash Warren Parent Their Three Kids: 'We're Not Raising A--holes'

"I don't shy away from setting boundaries and routines," Jessica Alba says in the summer issue of Reveal

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren are opening up about their parenting styles and how they manage their three children, daughters Honor, 12, and Haven, 8½, and son Hayes, 2½.

In the summer issue of Reveal, the magazine from Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, Alba and Warren discuss what their main goals are for their three kids.

"One thing that Jessica and I are 100 percent aligned on is that we're not raising a--holes," Warren, 41, tells the outlet. "If they get out of line, we're not going to stand for it. We've tried to maintain the values our parents taught us."

"I don't shy away from setting boundaries and routines," Alba, 39, adds. "They have to make their beds. They have to set the table, clear the table — those are no-brainers, right? They participate in taking care of the home and themselves."

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jessica alba and family
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren with their kids. Stefanie Keenan/Getty

The couple, who wed in 2008, reveal their individual strengths as parents and how they balance each other out.

"She's direct and has no problem putting them in their place," Warren says. "We have a nice good-cop, bad-cop routine. Then, when she's being the nice one, I'll step up."

Warren describes his wife as "a loving disciplinarian," noting that he loves "how much she pushes them."

"Cash has the ability to pull himself out of a situation," Alba says of Warren. "Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the moment, especially when there's a challenge or conflict, and he is just so much more relaxed. I learned from him to make the time that we have with the kids really count."

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba
Cash Warren and Jessica Alba. Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock

The L.A.'s Finest star also shares how each addition to their family of five changed the dynamic.

"I didn't realize how easy it was with one, because it was so jarring going from no kids to having a kid," she says. "When you go from one to two, you realize, 'Whoa, okay. So I really don't have any time for me.' "

"That was when we first had to carve out time for date nights and plan time to see friends," Alba continues. "When our son — Hayes, now 2 — arrived, everyone had an adjustment period. For Haven and Honor, it was about reassuring them that they're always going to be important."

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