Jerry Springer's daughter wants him to be President

Katie Springer, daughter of talk show host Jerry Springer, seems to think quite a bit about her father. She thinks so highly of him, that Katie wants Jerry to run for President of the United States.

"I will stand up to anyone verbally who attacks my dad because he’s wonderful… he would make one hell of a President," Katie told Access Hollywood. "I think people don’t realize what a huge heart he has. If my dad could change the world and make it better for everybody, he would."

Katie, who is legally blind and deaf in one ear, will be marrying in December and will dance the waltz with her father at the reception. Jerry, who has been seen recently as a competitor on Dancing With The Stars. has been learning the waltz from his dancing partner Kym Johnson.

"I think the trick is going to be practicing," Katie says. But Jerry insists, "We’ll get it, we’ll get it."

Source: Star

Thansk to CBB Reader Mary Beth.

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