Jerry Seinfeld finds the 'ultimate comedy gold mine' in his family

by auditioning contributor Katherine

Jerry Seinfeld, 52, talked to OK! Magazine about how his family inspires his comedy routines. He has been married to Jessica Sklar-Seinfeld since Christmas 1999 and has three children, Sascha, 6, Julian Kal, 3, and Shepherd Kellen, 15 months. He also briefly mentions his 2007 animated movie, Bee Movie, in which he co-wrote, co-produced, and voiced some parts of the film.

Jerry says that everything about being a dad surprises him. He relates that the biggest surprise is how his view of marriage and family has changed. The comedian tells the magazine he was the kind of person who did not want to be tied down to a family, but now he cannot imagine not being a husband and dad. Jerry is also grateful for being a comedian because "being a comedian is the only solution to having a family or I’d just go crazy. Marriage and family are the ultimate gold mine." When asked on what was the funniest question his children ever asked him, he shares that his daughter recently found out her dad once had a television show and asked him, "Are you Jerry Seinfeld?"

Jerry also admits that he loves the Wiggles and watches the show with his children. He also shares his favorite Wiggles song: "Fruit Salad. Fruit salad, yummy, yummy. Fruit salad, in my tummy."

Source: OK! Magazine, December 18, 2006 issue

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