Jerry Seinfeld keeps his family laughing

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, the star of the upcoming Bee Movie, makes sure that laughter is always a part of his family’s lives. The 53-year-old’s children — Sascha, 6, Julian, 4, and Shepherd, 2 — love the funny side of their father.

Making them laugh has become a whole new world for me. I invented a lot of games for them. Like now, they want me to talk like Chris Rock. ‘Wassup, B-Boy!’ And that totally kills them. ‘Talk longer! Say more things!’ I don’t know if Chris Rock’s kids want him to talk like me.

In fact, Jerry makes his children laugh so loud that their mom, Deceptively Delicious author Jessica Seinfeld, is afraid the kids will choke.

He makes me laugh endlessly, and he makes our children cackle. He does funny voices, funny faces. Even though my kids have not seen Bee Movie, they’re obsessed with the trailers. He’ll do funny things with the characters. When he reads stories to them, he does different voices.

Jerry’s daughter Sascha is turning out to be the most like her father out of the three children.

My daughter has really got the comedy gene. She really likes to ham it up. All kids like to laugh, but we were in the car the other day and she says, ‘Daddy, I really like making people laugh.’ She’s 6 years old. And I go, ‘I know the feeling.’

Besides keeping his family in stitches, what is a typical day like for the former Seinfeld star?

Get the kids breakfast, get them dressed, get them to school. And then go to the office, work a little bit. I don’t know. I’m still figuring it out.  Go to the gym. If I get to the gym, get the kids to school and get a little work, that’s a great day.

However, Jerry’s favorite time of the day is dinner time. Jerry and Jessica made a pact that one of them has to be home every night for the kids.

Dinner is pretty funny. But after dinner is even better, because that’s when the bed games start. Throwing kids through the air onto the bed in various ways, or wrapping them up in towel hammocks. You throw them around and they laugh, they love it.

Jerry has been so busy promoting his new movie that he is looking forward to just being there for his kids.

I’m going to relax for a little while, be here for the holidays, and find that routine. It kind of bugged me for a long time when the kids would say, ‘Can you pick me up from school?’ And I would always have to say no. I would like to start saying yes. That’s what I’m looking forward to. In fact, today, I’m picking my daughter up from school.

Source: USA Today

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