Jerry O'Connell Says No Reality Shows For Twin Daughters

When he allows himself to imagine what his 7-week-old fraternal twin daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip will someday grow up to be, Jerry O’Connell is setting the bar low — really, really low! “Most people are like, ‘My kids are going to the Ivy Leagues, my kids are going to be doctors,'” the 34-year-old actor noted during a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Well my kids aren’t going anywhere near vH1 reality shows.”

“That is my goal in life, is to keep my daughters off vH1 reality shows; I just don’t want my daughters vying for Flava Flav‘s love.”

The potential for such a scenario was first raised while Jerry’s wife Rebecca Romijn was still pregnant with the twins. The couple began telling friends and family of their intent to name one of the girls Dolly and they were met with resistance! “People said, ‘Oh no, no, don’t do that. I know a Dolly; She’s on that vH1 reality show with Bret Michaels. You don’t want to do that!'” Jerry recalled. As for Charlie, the couple managed to pay homage to both Jerry’s brother and Jerry’s youth in one fell swoop.

“I’m from the 70’s, and I don’t know if you remember the perfume ‘Charlie’ with, like, the independent women walking around in pantsuits? I just remember those commercials, so I was like, ‘Yeah, like my daughters are gonna be independent women! And walk to work with briefcases and pantsuits! And they don’t need boyfriends!”


The girls drink from Wee*go glass bottles – Dolly uses pink and Charlie uses yellow.

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The twins’ personalities are beginning to show, and Jerry admits that while he doesn’t “want to point fingers,” one of the girls “is a little more demanding than the other.” Charlie — referred to by Jerry as “the big one” — makes her wishes known by grimacing and grunting at the same time. “I’m like, where did this girl learn that face?” Jerry asks. “It’s incredible, babies…They just have whiny instincts.”

Rebecca is tandem nursing, which often leaves Jerry in awe. “I’m not saying anything dirty, it’s natural but [Rebecca] does what we call the double football — which is just incredible, because it’s like three beings attached,” he says. “It’s like something out of Cirque du Soleil. It’s crazy.” Not as crazy as what Jerry admits to trying! After listening to Rebecca complain of discomfort while pumping her breastmilk, Jerry decided to give it a go himself. The verdict? “It hurts,” Jerry says, adding,

“No milk came out of mine. Just, like, hair. Then you’ve got to boil everything and sterilize it. I’m crazy like that — I boil everything.”

He also shared some new photos of the girls, which we managed to grab screencaps of. Dolly is on the left and Charlie is on the right.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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