Jerry Hall talks about unconditional love for her children

In celebration of Valentines Day, model-turned-actress Jerry Hall will be hosting a radio show tonight on Britain’s Radio2 called ‘Aspects of Love.’ The show seeks to discuss the various forms that love can take on, including maternal love. Its something that Jerry — as mom to four children with ex-husband Mick Jagger — says she "can relate to … very well."

From the start you love your baby bump.  That’s where the bond starts. The love you feel for your children is unconditional. Everything changes when you have kids. You become a family unit and bond together. The love you feel for your partner is different. Deeper, maybe.

Speaking of partners, Jerry says that despite the end of their common law marriage, she remains in love with her ex — but the love has changed. It is their four children together — Elizabeth, 23, James, 21, Georgia, 16, and Gabriel, 10 — that keeps Jerry’s feelings for Mick alive, she says, adding,

When you have four children together, you’re always going to have a connection.  I still love him but it’s a different kind of love now. It’s a platonic love.

In researching the show Jerry spoke with a variety of artists, philosophers and scientists who have strong opinions on the topic of love, including singer Annie Lennox, who herself is mom to daughters Lola, 17and Tali, 14. According to Jerry, Annie spoke "wonderfully about motherhood" and is "devoted to her kids." It is a devotion that resonates with Jerry, 51.

Maternal love is just so incredibly powerful and consuming. All I want is for my children to be happy.  I try not to interfere too much with their own matters of the heart but they know I’m here if they want advice.

Jerry and Mick split in 1999. Mick has three other children — Karis, 37, Jade, 36, and Lucas, 8 ½ — from other relationships.

Source: The Mirror

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