Jeri Ryan says family is "the substance of life"

Mom to 13-year-old Alex and expecting a daughter in March with husband Christophe Emé, actress Jeri Ryan says what she’d most like to instill in her children are values. The 39-year-old recently told ModernMom that it’s not easy to raise "good people" in this day and age, when "you’re constantly bombarded with the complete opposite of values." Added Jeri,

It’s a hard time to raise children … We’ve become so materialistic and have gotten away from the focus on simply being good people.  I’m raising good people.  My son, who is now 13, is a really great person — very sensitive, very caring, very thoughtful.  And that’s just so important.  Hopefully my daughter will be the same way.

Alex and his sister will no doubt be helped along by Jeri’s focus on making family life a priority despite the burgeoning careers of both she and Christophe, a chef. According to Jeri, despite their professional triumphs, "family is always the most important thing."

Always.  Your marriage, your children — that’s life.  That is what’s important; that is the real substance of life.  Then the work is something to keep us fulfilled and feeling more whole and balanced.  But you’ve got to prioritize and family has to come first.


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Source: ModernMom

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