By peoplestaff225
Updated February 28, 2010 08:00 AM

With a career that has spanned two decades, Jeri Ryan has weathered her fair share of Hollywood’s highs and lows. Sometimes, she notes in a new interview with SheKnows, those lows have been a blessing in disguise, however.

When her former show Shark was canceled, its viewers were vocal in their disappointment — but Jeri, 41, says she felt anything but. “I was home on maternity leave, so my mind was in a very, very different place,” she explains.

Fans hoping for Jeri to elaborate will only be in for more disappointment. The mom-of-two says that keeping her private life private remains a priority.

“There are some movie stars who are so massive that, no matter what they do, the paparazzi will follow them,” she notes. “But, for the most part, people who are followed by the tabloids have cultivated that.”

Jeri is mom to Gisele Lynn, 23 months, with husband Christophe Émé, and Alex, 15, from a previous marriage.

Source: SheKnows