"I'd love to share it with you but first I have to see if I get in to the school because I don't want them to think I'm mocking them," Jenny Mollen said

By Jen Juneau
September 05, 2018 03:45 PM
Jenny Mollen/Instagram

Jenny Mollen is on top of the mom game.

In a Tuesday Instagram story, the actress and author explained that she was in the middle of writing a “parent statement” for her 4½-year-old son Sid, who will be moving on to kindergarten next year — and had leveraged some of her signature humor in the first draft.

“I’m getting a little carried away, potentially. I’d love to share it with you but first I have to see if I get in to the school because I don’t want them to think I’m mocking them,” said Mollen, 39, who shares Sid and 11-month-old son Lazlo with husband Jason Biggs.

“But do you think I should have a sense of humor?” she asked her followers. “Because I do feel like they probably read such boring essays that I want to tell them that one of the things I love about Sid is that he looks more like me than Jason.”

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Jason Biggs
Jenny Mollen/Instagram

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“Jason’s gonna tell me that I’m not being modest, but look: There are only a few things I’m good at,” Mollen continued after explaining how she could make a living writing college-entrance essays. “I’m left-handed and I can’t do math, so give me a little props where props are due, and this is where they’re due.”

The mother of two then solicited her husband’s advice in a later video, asking him, “So you feel it’s over the top? You think I’m going too far?”

Replied Biggs, 40, “It feels a little bit like a writing sample, like you’re applying — ‘Here’s my essay,’ ” as Mollen laughed from behind the camera.

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Mollen has been quite dedicated to her son’s education — and nutrition! On Monday, she shared the latest installment in Sid’s “#dictatorlunches” lineup for his first day back at school.

The spread Mollen had prepared included sautéed sesame salmon, white rice molded into the shape of hearts, avocado, yellow peppers, dark chocolate, plant protein bites, a mini salad with goat cheese and organic strawberries.

“Bringing it hard for Sid’s first day back to school,” she wrote alongside the impressive photo, adding, “Note: I don’t care how much of this he eats. It’s more about constant exposure and pushing his limits.”