Jenny Mollen
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October 16, 2018 03:30 PM

Even Jenny Mollen‘s son’s teacher is obsessed with his epic school lunches.

On Monday, the actress and author — who shares two boys with husband Jason Biggs: 1-year-old Lazlo and Sid, 4½ — shared a photo of a handwritten note her older child received from one of his teachers at school.

It started off with some bad news: Sid had gotten in trouble during the day twice, both times for using potty language.

First, he “had to sit by himself for a few minutes during English circle time” after responding to questions with, “Poop.”

Then, during lunchtime, he and a friend were “singing-rapping, ‘Everyone poops.’ “

“I explained that we can use poop language only in the bathroom,” the teacher wrote. “They both agreed.”

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As frustrated as she was, Sid’s teacher seemed to get over it real fast when she saw his lunch.

“Also, what brand is Sid’s roasted peas?” she wrote, addressing Mollen. “Do you roast them yourself? Looking for a good company that makes yum dried chickpeas.”

The juxtaposition of the two made Mollen laugh. “Which came first, the poop or the chickpeas?” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a shot of the note.

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It’s no surprise Sid’s teacher is enamored with his lunches.

His midday fare — which Mollen, 39, has dubbed “#dictatorlunches” — is impressive and has become a bit of a viral sensation for the unique flavorings and stylings Mollen likes to craft (see: a Moroccan-themed lunch; a pre-summer one including shrimp and grits, carrot sticks, mango and Greek yogurt; etc).

“I don’t care how much of this he eats,” Mollen wrote, explaining the purpose behind the unique meals. “It’s more about constant exposure and pushing his limits.”

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Mollen and Biggs, who have been married since 2008, opened up to PEOPLE Now in March about keeping the romance alive in their relationship as parents of two.

” ‘At this point in our marriage, the sexiest thing she can do for me is … ‘ ” Mollen started to say but Biggs, 40, interrupted with a joke: “Oh, take the kids and leave for a couple hours.”

Naturally, Mom agreed. “Oh God, yeah. I think just leave me alone,” she said, laughing.

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