Jenny Mollen on Supportive Husband Jason Biggs: 'He's My Wife, Even When I'm Not Pregnant'

"He's great with his sibling because the sibling is still within me," Jenny Mollen - who's expecting baby No. 2 with Jason Biggs - told PEOPLE of son Sid

The Grove Hosts Golden Ticket to Imagination with Milk+Bookies on April 15 in Los Angeles
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There’s no shortage of wit in Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen‘s household.

The couple — who recently announced in a very creative social-media post that they are expecting baby No. 2 — were on hand to lend their voices and talent to a Milk+Bookies event at The Grove in Los Angeles, by reading the story Ten Things I Love About You by Daniel Kirk to a group of children and their parents.

“We’ve supported Milk+Bookies, I feel like, since its inception,” actress and author Mollen told PEOPLE at the Saturday event, titled Golden Ticket To Imagine With Milk+Bookies.

Milk+Bookies is a charitable organization that works in L.A. and across the country to bring much-needed books to the school and home libraries of under-served children. They believe every child deserves the chance at a good education, and that that all begins with a book. In the process, they expose young kids to the joys of giving back, in the hopes of making the world a better place.

“It’s just a charity that means a lot to us,” explains Mollen, 37. “I love the idea of teaching kids philanthropy, and getting them not only to be active parts of the community, but also to share, which is something we’re working on with our son at the moment.”

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When asked how their son Sid, 3, is doing with his sharing, the parents had semi-conflicting answers. “Not good,” Mollen replies, while Biggs is quick to jump in and add, “But not bad.”

“He’s great with his sibling because the sibling is still within me,” Mollen explains. Biggs, 38, seconds his wife with, “[The baby is] mot trying to take anything from him yet. Except a little bit of … attention.”

As for Sid’s new sibling, for the moment, Biggs and Mollen are keeping their second child‘s gender a surprise.

“I don’t know. We kind of want to [know]. We’re not sure. We want to,” Mollen shares. “They can run all these tests, but my doctor, when he called me, he was like, ‘So if you want to know the gender … ‘ and I was like, ‘Maybe now I don’t.’ I thought he would just throw it on me.”

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Mollen, who’s “due early October,” is “finally feeling a little bit better” but is “still nauseous” and having cravings — though only for savory foods. “I’ve been eating a lot of pickles, olives, the typical stuff,” she says. “With [Sid], all I wanted was vinegar. Just anything with vinegar on it. This time, it’s a little different.”

Regardless of the nature of her cravings, Mollen is grateful to have a partner as supportive as Orange Is The New Black‘s Biggs. “He’s my wife, even when I’m not pregnant,” she jokes. “He’s fantastic. Thank God. I wouldn’t have had another kid if I weren’t married to Jason. I probably wouldn’t have had one kid. It’s just, like, a lot.”

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