Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs' 4-year-old son Sid has a pretty smart way of circumventing his parents' disciplining techniques

March 23, 2018 02:00 PM

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen have their hands full at home.

The married stars got candid during a recent sit-down with PEOPLE Now about life with sons Lazlo, 5 months, and Sid, 4 — including how the latter has been acting out as of late.

“Sid’s also in a hitting phase,” says Mollen, 38. “So we’ll say to him, ‘Sid, do this again, we’re taking this [toy] away,’ and he doesn’t even think, he’s just like, [makes slapping motion].”

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Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs

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“Let’s say we took away a Rescue Bot that he’s been playing with nonstop,” adds Biggs, 39. “We’re like, ‘Sid, we need to stop the hitting and there’s gonna be a consequence if you continue to hit.’ “

” ‘We’re gonna take this Rescue Bot away, we’re gonna put him away, you’re not gonna play with him,’ ” explains the father of two.

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Sid has found a way around his parents’ boundaries, though, as the American Pie star explains what tends to happen when they take his toy away.

“He’ll look right at us, disappear for like 3 minutes and [we’ll] be like, ‘What is that little s— doing?’ ” Biggs jokes. “He’ll come back with, like, four other Rescue Bots and just start playing with them in front of you … not saying a word, just like, ‘Huh?’ “

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