Life is a little chaotic at the home of Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs, who are parents to 5-month-old son Lazlo and his big brother Sid, 4

By Jen Juneau
March 06, 2018 11:20 AM

Bedtime for Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs is a little flexible.

The fun-loving couple recently starred in a photo shoot for Parents magazine alongside their sons Lazlo, 5 months, and Sid, 4, with Mollen writing a hilarious essay detailing their evening routine (or rather, lack thereof).

“My bedtime routine is basically laying like a blanket and pretending to be asleep before my son’s bedtime so that Jason, my husband, has to put Sid in bed,” she jokes in an accompanying video interview.

“My bedtime routine used to be just simply getting into bed and closing my eyes,” she continues. “Now it consists of me standing in the threshold, because my son has decided that he doesn’t want to sleep in his bed alone.”

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Credit: Anna Wolf

Jenny Mollen, Jason Biggs and their kids in Parents

Her essay goes through a typical night for the family, where the spouses tag-team to the best of their availability to get Sid to sleep in his room on his own — from pointing out the wall separating his room from theirs is basically just a technicality, to hoping his shouts for “Daddy!” stop (spoiler: they didn’t).

“Right now, I go in, I do two to three stories, maybe one song, 17 hard kisses on the lips, and then I try to extricate from his room,” says Mollen, 38.

“It’s very challenging and it really requires basically a SEAL team, six-member, to come bust me out of his room come 8:00,” she jokes. “It’s over about at 11:00, when all is quiet.”

Credit: Anna Wolf

Jenny Mollen and her kids on the cover of Parents

In her accompanying essay, Mollen takes the reader through one evening in January where she and Biggs, 39, tried in vain to put Sid to bed in his own room so they could take in an episode of The Bachelor in peace. And while it didn’t quite work out, the mother of two is thankful for the situation deep down.

“Like a contestant on The Bachelor, I know his infatuation with me won’t last forever. In the not-so-distant future, I’ll be the one begging for bedtime kisses,” she writes of her older son. “One day, he might even try to move out, date other people or banish me to voicemail for eternity.”

“I drifted off to sleep knowing that the only Bachelor I needed to watch this season was already in my arms,” Mollen adds. “And I’d be a fool not to relish my time in his fantasy suite.”