Jenny Mollen has a good reason for not posting pictures of her older son's face, even though she doesn't follow the same rules with her 6-month-old baby

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Jenny Mollen has a good reason for not sharing pictures of her 4-year-old son‘s face, even though she doesn’t follow the same rules with her baby.

“I don’t post Sid‘s face bc my account is public and not only do I not want him recognized, harassed or interrupted in his daily life,” the 38-year-old actress wrote on Instagram recently. “I also don’t think its fair to expose him without his knowledge and understanding.”

Continuing, Mollen — who shares sons Lazlo, 6 months, and Sid with husband Jason Biggs — explained that she chooses to share photos of her younger son because he “is still just a head, doesn’t leave the house and is morphing on a daily basis.”

“But soon I will be blocking his face too,” she added. “Thanks for understanding.”

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Mollen also addressed the fact that her whole family posed for a photo shoot with Parents Magazine in March, where her older son’s face was visible.

“The Parents mag was really the hardest decision for me but I decided that was worth it for the kids to have one day,” she wrote, adding that her children weren’t “gonna give a s—” about the pictures of them she shared on her Instagram feed.

“I’m sure once t[hey] are old enough to read they’ll ask me to shut it down,” she continued.

The married stars recently revealed to PEOPLE Now that their older child was in a phase where he acted out if they tried to take his toys away.

“We’ll say to him, ‘Sid, do this again, we’re taking this [toy] away,’ and he doesn’t even think, he’s just like, [makes slapping motion],” Mollen explained.

“Let’s say we took away a Rescue Bot that he’s been playing with nonstop,” added Biggs. “We’re like, ‘Sid, we need to stop the hitting and there’s gonna be a consequence if you continue to hit.’ ”

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But even when his parents take away his toys, Sid still tends to find a way around their boundaries. “He’ll look right at us, disappear for like three minutes and [we’ll] be like, ‘What is that little s— doing?’ ” Biggs joked.

“He’ll come back with, like, four other Rescue Bots and just start playing with them in front of you … not saying a word, just like, ‘Huh?’ “