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Updated August 03, 2008 11:00 AM

In a new plan to raise money for families facing the challenges of autism, Jenny McCarthy, along with autism research organization Generation Rescue, have teamed up with pro wrestler John Cena for a special taping of Saturday Night Main Event, in the hope that wrestling fans will make monetary donations to the cause. John admits that "on paper [WWE’s support] does seem awkward," but assures people that the two go "hand-in-hand." After her son Evan Joseph was diagnosed with autism in 2005, Jenny joined Generation Rescue for advice and support on dealing with the disease through diet control. A proud supporter and member of the foundation, Jenny jokes saying her fellow members "are the toughest parents" who "go out" and "kick ass!"

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While Jenny can lightly joke about the group’s eagerness to find results for their children, she says the fact that parents all over this country "are strapped for help" — both financially and emotionally — "kills her," and with the help of Generation Rescue, she hopes to ease the burden for as many families as possible. Astonished that the majority of state insurance policies do not cover the long list of expenses that come along with autism, Jenny shares that the organization aids households that make less than 30K a year — which Jenny considers a necessity since "autism can sometimes cost $75,000" in one year." As she watches parents struggle all around her trying to make ends meet and seek the best medical attention for their children, she realizes that people see her as living "in Hollywood," giving them the false impression that "she has a lot of money." Jenny is the first to admit however, that the time of Evan’s diagnosis also coincided with her divorce from Evan’s father, John Asher — leaving her to be the "sole financial income that was coming in" and ultimately forcing her to have a double mortgage on her home.

Openly discussing the countless trials and tribulations she has been through since the birth of her son, Jenny reveals that watching Evan’s pain "brought me to my knees nightly" leading her to have "emotional breakdowns." Admitting she would sometimes go the route of taking Valium and a long shower, Jenny felt like she needed to "numb out to the world," but says "fortunately it’s not like I did it every night." Calling the pain so extraordinary that at times "it felt like I was going to die," the mom watched as Evan "had cardiac arrest and died right in front of me."

According to Jenny, she "witnessed first hand" side effects from certain vaccines, and developed a "devastating" frustration when she says she "knows what caused" many symptoms of autism yet "having no one believe you." Over the years, as more research is being done, Jenny says there is a "nation of scared parents" who have put their full trust in the medical community, only to be "hurt like that."

Taking her time to learn about the studies and research done on the subject, Jenny "saw kids recovering" and trusted that she would find help for her son. With nothing to lose, Jenny says she "undid vaccine damage" by detoxing "the toxins that were in his body" due to the list of vaccines Evan had received as a baby. The results so far have Jenny incredibly grateful as are many other parents since her son is among "thousands" who have made major developmental improvements. In Evan’s case, detoxing the toxins proved successful, but Jenny is not naive and knows that "it’s not going to work all the time," however urges parents to "damn right…try it!"

Giving an update on her son, Jenny says her 6-year-old is "in a typical school" and is thriving. Calling him the "most social, loving, unbelievably typical child," Jenny proudly shares that Evan "knows the name of every possible airplane and airline ever!"

Source: ET Online; Photo by Most Wanted/Flynet.