Actress/ Singer/ Designer Jennifer Lopez will be on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and while the star has made no secret her desire to have children, she does share with Ellen how one child may not be enough.

Ellen asks Jennifer whether or nor she wants lots of kids, maybe four or five, J.Lo says "I don’t know about a lot. One or two, I’ll take two at once, that would be great."

Ellen always the teaser, says "Really, that’s a lot of work," Jennifer responds by saying "Okay, but then you’re done, and you got two."

"Well, [with] quadruplets you’d be done with four," Ellen shoots back. But Jennifer says four at one time is "too many."

And Jennifer doesn’t for one minute forget the important children already in her life, saying, "I have three step-kids." She is stepmother to her husband, singer Marc Anthony’s, children, 12-year-old Arianna, 5-year-old Cristian, and 3-year-old Ryan.

Source: People