Jennifer Garner and Violet arrive in Boston, wait for car seat

The Jen-Fans gallery has two great new photos of Jennifer Garner and Violet Anne, 7 1/2 months, arriving at Logan Airport in Boston by private plane on Tuesday evening. Jennifer and Violet had been in Arizona the past few days while shooting The Kingdom, but came home to visit Ben Affleck.

However, the attempt to leave the airport did not go as smoothly as everyone originally anticipated. According to the Boston Herald, Jen and Violet got into the SUV waiting to take them to Cambridge only to find that there was no carseat installed. Jen was apparently "adamant" that one be found, and "took the baby in the terminal and didn’t come out until someone returned with a seat…When the guy did come back with one, it took him about 20 minutes to figure out how to secure it. She wasn’t happy.”

Violet is pictured sucking on a Gerber NUK pacifier ($3.99 for a set of two). No diamond encrusted pacis for this little one!

Sources: Jen-Fans and The Boston Herald

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