Jennifer Garner on Violet's milestones and Ben's parenting

In Elle magazine‘s January 2007 issue, Jennifer Garner dispels rumors that she’s pregnant, complains that she’s "in the worst shape ever," and kvells over daughter Violet Affleck.

Violet, who just celebrated her first , is apparently a fan of the "Old MacDonald" tune because she can say "ee-i-ee-i-o" (my daughter Anya concurs- it’s her favorite song). She also says, "mama."

She’s also very happy in her marriage to husband Ben Affleck. She says, "Maybeit’s because we were newlyweds. I think it’s just that [Ben] is also a very understanding individual. A compassionate,generous guy. He’s great with [Violet] and she loves him, which makesit a lot easier on me. My husband is superinvolved and very present soI don’t have that feeling of wandering around the house bumping intothings."

She also says that she spends a lot of time home with Violet, which is apparent as she has been photographed grocery shopping and at the park with the baby.

Her new movie, Catch and Release, will hit theaters inJanuary. In this dark comedy, Jennifer plays a newly widowed woman dealing with her husband’s secrets. It also stars Kevin Smith, Timothy Olyphant and Juliette Lewis.

Source: Elle via People

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