Jennifer Connelly talks to OK! about her family

Jennifer Connelly is currently appearing in the thriller, Blood Diamond, with Leonardo DiCaprio. She talked to OK! Magazine about her husband, Paul Bettany, their son Stellan, 3, and her son from a previous relationship, Kai, 9.

On her mama bear instinct
My kids are immensely, immeasurably important to me. Am I protective? Absolutely. The blood boils when someone comes near them with wrong intentions. Any parent is like that.

On Paul as a dad
It was really clear to me that he was a guy who wanted to be a dad. When we were just friends, I remember he and my son Kai were playing. They had pillows attached to their heads, and they were playing some turtle-pirate game, jumping on the couches. He’s fantastic with kids and so full of love.

Do you and Paul like going to red-carpet events?
As a hot night out? [laughs] Sometimes they’re ok, but I wouldn’t say, "Honey, it’s Friday night, we’ve got a babysitter, let’s go to a premiere.

Have you watched Labyrinth with your kids?

No, I don’t like to watch films I’ve been in. Paul showed Kai Labyrinth once. It didn’t go very well. There’s a part where I go down this chute and all these hands are holding me. He really flipped out and insisted we throw out the tape!

Source: OK! Magazine, December 11, 2006, Photo: Wire Image

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