Jennifer Weiner gives an update on Phoebe Pearl

Author Jennifer Weiner (In Her Shoes, Good in Bed, Little Earthquakes) and her husband Adam Bonin, 34, welcomed their second daughter, Phoebe Pearl, on December 6th. With her daughter now 4-weeks old, Jennifer blogs an update.

Click below for the blog, which includes Jennifer’s favorite new sling and a book recommendation for new siblings-to-be.

Things are going well with Baby the Second. I’m notsure whether this is a result of Number Two being a different kind ofbaby than Number One, or due to her parents actually sort of knowingwhat to expect and what they’re doing, but we’re settling into thenewborn groove pretty nicely (and I’m knocking on wood and hoping Ididn’t jinx everything and doom myself to a week of sleepless nights bysaying so).

This time around, I’m actually taking the advice that every parentingbook in the universe gives you, which is to let go of the idea thatyou’re going to be doing anything other than feeding the baby, staringat the baby, and possibly dozing yourself when the baby nods off for atleast the first few weeks. If I write a few thank-you notes, make thebed, take a shower and watch fifteen minutes of ‘Gossip Girl’ during atwelve-hour stretch, that’s a good day. I’m also lucky enough to havefriends who’ve dropped off all kinds of delicious stuff fordinner…and ridiculous amounts of help, both hired and volunteer.

I’ve also discovered the Moby Wrap($35). I bought a bunch of slings the first time around, but, generallyspeaking, they’re not made for plus-size or big-on-top mothers, andeven the one-size-fits-all would usually end up with the baby’s headnestled somewhere in the vicinity my nose. Not good.

The Moby Wrap is basically a ten-yard piece of slightly stretchytee-shirt jersey. You have to wrap it around your waist and over yourshoulders in a way that looks extremely complicated but isn’t, afteryou’ve done it once or twice, and it’s by far the most comfortable andsupportive wrap I’ve tried, and it’s not too expensive, either. (Andno, they’re not paying me for saying any of this…I just really likeit).

Oh, and one more recommendation…if you have a four or five-year-old and are expecting a new addition, get yourself a copy of ‘How To Be The Baby (By Me, The Big Sister),'($11) which is hilarious and invaluable in helping the older kid getready for a baby in the house by enumerating all of the things that abig kid can do/eat/play with that a baby cannot. Lucy [Jane, 4 ½] loves it, and I can’t imagine a kid her age who wouldn’t).

Source: Jennifer’s Snarkspot

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