Jennifer Weiner gives an update on daughter Phoebe

Author Jennifer Weiner (In Her Shoes, Good in Bed, Little Earthquakes) welcomed daughter Phoebe Pearl seven weeks ago and her life hasn’t been the same since. The 37-year-old mom to two recently shared how things are going and how she doesn’t understand why people think she is on vacation.

The other day, a well-meaning acquaintance asked if I was “still on vacation.” And I was, all, ha! Vacation! Yes, that’s exactly what this is…a veritable spa getaway! You can enjoy it, too, even if you don’t have a seven-week-old handy.

Just sit around your house in drawstring pants writing thank-you notes and, every two or three hours, arrange for someone to come over and scream at the top of his/her lungs, then attach a clothespin to your tender bits and leave it there for twenty minutes. Repeat indefinitely.

Not that I’m complaining. Phoebe is the kind of baby who lulls you into a sense of competence and mastery suggesting that you are good at this baby-having thing. In the middle of the night, as she stares adoringly at your forehead, you will think to yourself that you could even have another baby if you wanted one (ha!)

She is happy to hang out in her stroller or her sling, at home or out on the town. She sleeps in restaurants and coffee shop and through Patriots games. She cries when she’s hungry. Otherwise, she’s content to lie in her basket or bouncy seat, gazing thoughtfully at the light fixture and belching, which is more or less how I spent my junior year of college.

Also, she likes it when you sing Bicycle Built for Two or You Are My Sunshine.

Jennifer and her husband, Adam Bonin, are also parents to daughter Lucy Jane, 4 ½.

Source: SnarkSpot

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