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A party of five is nothing compared to what Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s future family might one day become.

“I feel my best when I’m pregnant, which means I should probably have 18 children — it won’t happen — but I do feel good,” the actress says in the May issue of American Baby.

But while a brood of babies isn’t likely — she and husband Brian Hallisay are expecting their second child together in June — Hewitt is still having the time of her life: she’s got the pregnancy glow and is feeling more gorgeous than ever.

“Your body changes so much and there’s a sensuality about that,” Hewitt, 36, says. “I say, accentuate the fact that your legs look thinner than they ever have and your boobs look great. Work it!”

Justin Coit for American Baby

Hewitt’s ability to embrace her changing shape is influenced by her feelings of inner beauty. “I feel really grateful,” the Criminal Minds star shares. “I know how hard it is for lots of women to even get pregnant in the first place, some people never get to have kids, so I just feel really lucky that my husband and I have been able to do this, once awesomely and now twice, even better.”

Despite sticking to healthier habits during her second pregnancy, Hewitt still happily indulges in her favorite foods — everything from pickles and cake to Italian food and hot dogs. And while she knows it’s more for her sake than the baby’s, the expectant actress doesn’t let that put a damper on dinner (or dessert!).

“I’ve been an actress for 25 years, and have had to be hungry at times in my life for my career, so being pregnant is completely freeing,” she explains.

“As somebody who’s been in this business for a long time and had to be all about what your figure looks like … I think if you can let that stuff go and really embrace what you’re doing, you feel kind of awesome.”

She adds, “If somebody asked me right now if I thought I was pretty great, I’d be like, ‘Yeah, I’m pretty great! I’m doing a pretty cool thing here and I’m psyched about it.’ ”

Justin Coit for American Baby

And the couple’s 16-month-old daughter Autumn James only intensifies those sweet feelings. “I’m not sure if she just thinks I’m fat or if she knows there’s something in there,” Hewitt jokes of her budding baby bump.

“Every morning and nighttime, she’ll rub my belly and she likes to kiss the belly. It’s very cute, but I’m not quite sure she knows what’s happening.”

As she enjoys her final trimester, Hewitt is making sure to get plenty of rest, pamper herself with manicures and enjoy date nights with Hallisay. Admittedly, however, the latter has taken on a whole new meaning now that they’re about to become a family of four.

“Date night looks a lot like DVR, some sort of brought in dinner substance or me cooking and right now I go to bed at like 8:15, so it’s a lot like being married to Betty White. It’s awesome,” she says with a laugh.

Justin Coit for American Baby

— Anya Leon

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