Jennifer Lopez Takes Credit for Daughter's 'Attitude'

With a reputation for being a diva, Jennifer Lopez suggested during a Friday appearance on The Rachael Ray Show that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree with Emme Maribel, her 14-month-old daughter with Marc Anthony. “She’s funny because we call her Emme-tude,” Jennifer shared. “We’re like, ‘She’s giving us Emme-tude right now!'”

“She doesn’t do, like, the whole knocking everything down and all that, but when she catches an attitude whooooahh. She gets that from her dad. I’m kidding…she gets it from me.”

Jennifer, 39, reiterated earlier observations about the differences between boys and girls. Emme’s twin brother Maximilian ‘Max’ David is rough and tumble, whereas Emme is “kind of indecisive but at the same time very precise,” according to Jennifer. “She kind of, like, takes a step and stops and picks things up and she’s like, ‘I don’t know, maybe I’ll eat this, I don’t know…Mom can I have some of your water? Oh forget it.'” And while mother and daughter may be comfortable making their preferences known, there’s plenty of Jennifer in her son as well. “It’s funny because now that I see Max…I was more like Max,” Jennifer says. At the same time, however, Jennifer admits that she and Marc are both guilty overstating how much of themselves has carried over in their twins.

“Me and Marc are always claiming he’s got my head, and he’s got my mouth. And he’s like, ‘He’s got my eyes and my nose,’ and I’m like, ‘Thank God she’s got my nose!’ It’s awful!  I was like look, they have lighter hair. And he goes, ‘That was me when I was a baby!’ Marc’s hair is pitch black by the way. But you want it all to be you… That’s the nature of who we are, we can’t help it. We’re both trying to steal it all.”

As for the twins big first birthday bash, Jennifer has no regrets with her “barbecue slash carnival” event. Clarifying that it was nothing like the carnival birthday party in Mommy Dearest, Jennifer says that the twins “had the best time” on their big day. “I didn’t think a one year old could have fun at a birthday party,” she said. “But they did, they loved it.”

“I think they’re going to remember it.  I think I did a good job, and they’re going to remember.”

Source: The Rachael Ray Show

-– Missy

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