"My whole thing is about teaching them to be aware of the world and realizing that we are in a position now that we can help other people."

Although multi-talented star Jennifer Lopez doesn’t exactly rock the “mom jeans” every day, she wants her children to grow up humbly aware of their privilege.

“They’re growing up so differently than me,” Lopez, 44, said Thursday at the Sirius XM Town Hall segment in New York City.

“I grew up in The Bronx — we shared a bed until we were 16 and it was so different. [Emme] and [Max] have their own rooms; we live in a big house. When we go to grandma’s house they’re like, ‘Grandma’s house is small.’ It occurs to them that this is different, so my whole thing is about teaching them to be aware of the world and realizing that we are in a position now that we can help other people.”

Lopez says the 6-year-old twins‘ personalities are still forming but that they’re “just perfect” in her eyes.

“They’re loving and happy and healthy, thank God,” she shares. “And they love to jump around and have fun.”

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With a privileged lifestyle, Lopez wants her kids to learn to be charitable and know how lucky they are, even while eating dinner.

“I’m like, ‘You realize that you don’t just throw food out — we eat food and if we don’t want it, we don’t ask for it.’ I’m always trying to put that in their minds. We’re in a different position and we have to be more giving.”

But there are still times when J.Lo needs her own mother — and luckily, she’s close at hand. Lopez’s mom Guadalupe is traveling with the family as she promotes her new album, A.K.A.

“It’s one thing to have help and a nanny — and ours is wonderful — but at the same time, when I know that I’m going to be working a lot, I want them to be with family,” Lopez says, adding that her mother is a “fun grandma.”

With Emme and Max in grade school now, Lopez says the teachers get used to seeing the American Idol judge walking the halls of their school.

“At first they do the ‘We’re going to treat you like everyone else’ thing. Then as time goes on they’re like, ‘Can you do this? Or can you do things?'” Lopez admits. “But for the most part, they get used to [me] coming around or dropping them off and picking them up.”

As for her hopes for more children, Lopez told the crowd she loved the extended family she acquired during her previous marriage.

“When I was married to Marc [Anthony], he had two boys, a girl and a stepson so there was four — [with the twins] there was six,” Lopez says. “When we went out, it was like Angelina and Brad. We had that flavor and I loved it.”

— Jessica Fecteau