Shortly after welcoming fraternal twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel, now 14 months, singers Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony were in seventh heaven, enjoying life as a family. However, their happiness almost came to a screeching halt as the two were faced with a parent’s worst nightmare: the couple found a lump on then 3-week old Emme’s head.

Opening up about the scare at a Noche de Niños gala benefit for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), the memory is one that is hard to erase from Jennifer’s mind. “We both got very nervous, very very nervous, and I just remember my heart sinking to my feet,” she recalls.

Immediately the couple rushed their daughter to the hospital where doctors reacted quickly, running a long list of tests — among them an MRI. Fortunately, Jennifer and Marc consider themselves among the lucky ones as baby Emme “turned out fine.” The incident, however, finished with a happy ending in more ways than one. “I started to wonder, what if I couldn’t afford a doctor or receive the medicines, the procedures?” says Jennifer.

As a result, Jennifer has teamed up with CHLA to jointly form the Maribel Foundation, an organization that will assist in providing pediatric medical services to struggling families.

Source: E!

— Anya