Watch out! Little Maximilian ‘Max’ David is on the move, says his mom Jennifer Lopez. With the 14-month-old up and running, the proud mama reveals that his fraternal twin sister Emme Maribel prefers to take things slow. “Emme is a little bit more careful about not falling,” says Jennifer during a recent appearance on Good Morning America.

Although the dynamic duo is, for the most part, sticking to baby babbling, the songstress laughs that the two already have a favorite word among their limited vocabulary and it isn’t mama!

Completing her first triathlon only six months after the birth of the twins, Jennifer looks back on the experience and takes extreme pride in all of her hard work. The decision to participate, she says, was an easy one. “I just felt like I needed to do something to regain myself back again because when you have babies, your body becomes kind of a temple for the babies,” she explains. “I just felt like I needed to feel like Jennifer again.” Fortunately for the new mama, her husband Marc Anthony supported her completely, although he took the opportunity to playfully poke fun at his wife’s strong inner drive.

— Anya