She's Been Singing Since Before the Super Bowl: See Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Emme's Spotlight-Stealing Performances

Emme's spotlight-stealing cameo in her mom's Super Bowl halftime performance was far from her first time taking the stage

Jennifer Lopez‘s daughter is following in her mom’s footsteps.

The “Jenny from the Block” singer’s 11-year-old daughter Emme Maribel stole the spotlight with her surprise cameo in the Super Bowl LIV halftime show at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday during Lopez’s 10-minute-plus performance alongside Shakira.

As the daughter of two world-famous singers — Lopez co-parents Emme and her twin brother Max with ex-husband Marc Anthony — it comes as no surprise that Emme’s got major pipes, and seems to have inherited her parents’ love for the stage as well.

“Since she was little, she could always sing,” Lopez told Entertainment Tonight about her daughter’s natural talent last year.

When it comes to Emme pursuing a career in the industry, the World of Dance judge is open to it if that’s what she wants, but is careful never to put that expectation on her daughter.

“Listen, if she was going to do it, there’s nothing I could do to stop her,” Lopez told ET. “I know that from being an artist myself. Nobody can stop me from doing what I love to do. She’s going to do it. But I would never push her in any direction. I’d always help her as much as I can and give her as much counsel and advice as I can and mentor in the best ways I know how to navigate.”

Here, we’re looking back at some of the stages, duets and sweet mother-daughter mentor moments the pair have shared over the years.

No matter where she goes (ahem, like, the Super Bowl), her mom will make sure she knows where she came from. In this heart-melting throwback video, Emme tentatively sings her mom’s song “Feel the Light” on karaoke while her brother Max dances alongside her, proving that perhaps he’s inherited his mom’s fancy footwork.

Emme comes in hot around the four-minute mark in this May 2019 YouTube clip of Lopez preparing for her first live performance of her single “Medicine” at the Today Summer Concert Series.

Bounding into the room, Emme stuns everyone into silence as she belts out the chorus to Alicia Keys’ hit song “If I Ain’t Got You.”

“We should have her come out and do something on tour,” Lopez muses in the clip. “Want to? Want to put a little piece in the show?” the proud mom asks.

“I don’t know,” Emme replies.

Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony gushed over his daughter’s incredible Super Bowl performance on Twitter, writing, “Daddy is so proud of you. You are my [heart] and I am forever yours.”

During her ET interview last year, Lopez told the outlet that Emme takes after her dad.

“She’s got her daddy’s voice. She’s amazing,” the Hustlers star said. “It’s natural. Emme could always sing. I remember when she was in the crib, when she was a baby, she used to be humming, like, really humming to herself.”

Singing, dancing, ukelele-playing — is there anything J.Lo’s kids can’t do?! The twins performed a duet of Vance Joy’s “Riptide” for their family, with Emme strumming along while Max showed off his own vocal abilities.

“Let’s do that again, I liked it!” Max hilariously exclaims at the end.

There were plenty of epic performances at the “Let’s Get Loud” singer’s star-studded 50th birthday bash last July, but once again her kids managed to steal the show. Emme comes in just before the seven-minute mark in this recap of the lively party, performing Diana Ross’ song “Do You Know Where You’re Going to” while her mom looks on adoringly alongside fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

If you thought that was cute, just wait until you get around seven-and-a-half minutes in, when Emme’s joined by her soon-to-be stepsisters, A-Rod’s daughters Ella Alexander, 11, and Natasha Alexander, 15, as well as her cousin Lucie Lopez-Goldfried for a high-energy, broom-swinging rendition of “It’s A Hard Knock Life.”

It’s a tough act to follow, but Max manages to have the crowd and birthday girl Lopez up on their feet and clapping as he raps into the mic.

“When I was little I used to be really shy singing in front of people, but not anymore,” Emme says in this clip of her and her mom preparing to perform the song “Limitless” during Lopez’s tour.

“It just feels like I’ve accomplished something,” she says of performing. “You see all the people that are cheering you on…” When it comes to her “favorite person to see” in concert, the answer is a sweet no-brainer for Emme: “My mom,” she says with a smile.

Just after the 15-minute mark, Emme gets a sweet pep talk from her mom before she literally rises to the occasion 20 minutes into the video, appearing on the stage in a matching red tulle tutu and cropped sweatshirt to perform “Limitless” beside her mom.

It’s a mini-me moment! The duo performed their powerful duet during J.Lo’s It’s My Party Tour, but the multi-hyphenate entertainer was hesitant at first of letting her daughter perform with her.

“Like, when she wanted to do the ‘Limitless’ video, I was very, very wary of letting her do it,” she revealed to ET. “But she was like, ‘Please mom, don’t pick another little girl. Pick me. I can do it.’ And she did. She was amazing.”

“It was a special, special moment … I think she’s come out of her shell in the past couple years,” the proud mom added.

Forget about Christmas carols: Emme, Ella and Natasha’s version of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is all you need to feel the holiday cheer. The girls, who already consider each other stepsisters, sang and strummed along to the song while celebrating Christmas together in December 2018.

Lopez and Rodriguez introduced their kids early on in their relationship, and often share photos or videos of their blended family on social media.

After Emme’s halftime performance, Natasha couldn’t help but gush over the epic experience, which she watched with her dad from the audience.

“It was the coolest thing to watch my stepsister sing. I’m so proud of her every time I see her and her voice is just angelic,” Natasha told ET. “My favorite part was whenever the beat dropped and the crowd just went crazy and the energy in the stadium was unreal.”

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