Jennifer Lopez can't take her eyes off daughter and son


Noting that her good friend Jennifer Lopez is "twice blessed," producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas says that the new mom to 3-day-old fraternal twins — a boy and a girl, delivered early Friday morning — is already at ease with motherhood. Elaine tells People,

[Jennifer] sounds very peaceful and happy and blissful.  She said ‘I can’t take my eyes off of them.’   

The happiness began in earnest with Jennifer’s pregnancy, which marked a sharp departure from the normal state of being for the 38-year-old actress, singer and successful fashion designer.

She really enjoyed her pregnancy.  She has been nesting. And she has been resting which is different for her. She has really found a balance – before it was a massive amount of work. [Now] she is so excited about these babies.

That excitement was on full display for Elaine during a recent trip to the home Jennifer shares with her husband Marc Anthony. After dinner, Jennifer invited her guest to see the twins’ nursery, and when the two looked at all the baby clothes "we just squealed" Elaine recalled.

We just stood there and stopped – the reality of it sort of takes your breath away.

At her recent baby shower, thrown by Elaine, Jennifer’s breath was taken away again when she received a charm with ‘Momma’ on it. The gift made Jennifer cry tears of happiness, Elaine said.

[Jennifer] and Marc are so ready for a family. They love each other so much and built this beautiful life together. It feels like the only thing missing were these children and now they have them.

Source: People

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