"I've given them an M&M [for putting] sunscreen on before," Garner tells PEOPLE. "I've [also] done a sticker chart. I'll do whatever it takes, it has to be a nonnegotiable part of life."
Jennifer Garner Neutrogena Summit Kids Sunscreen

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Making sure to daily apply sunscreen on your children isn’t easy for any mom — but it sure is important, says mother-of-three Jennifer Garner, who has been working with Neutrogena’s Choose Skin Health initiative for six years.

“Of course it’s a struggle!” the actress, 40, tells PEOPLE Wednesday at the Neutrogena Sun Summit. “The kids do not like getting sunscreen put on, especially at at a certain age, at least not mine. If you have kids out there who like sunscreen, hallelujah!”

Garner, who admits she luckily missed out on the “major baking-in-the-sun years” by mostly staying inside when she was younger, wants to ensure that her children with husband Ben AffleckViolet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and Samuel, 1 — also avoid future skin damage by educating them about the dangers.

“We talk about skin health, and they know why they have to wear sunscreen,” she says. “If someone forgets, they’ll say ‘Hey, did you forget to put sunscreen on me?'”

She also praises Neutrogena’s kid-friendly SPF application options for making things a little easier at home: “I give them a stick that they can rub on their faces. Or they can do a spray if they want it fast. I’ve used everything.”

And Garner admits she’s not above rewarding her kids for remembering their sunscreen.

“I know it’s horrible — and I’m admitting to bribery — but I’ve given them an M&M [for putting] sunscreen on before,” Garner reveals. “I’ve [also] done a sticker chart. I’ll do whatever it takes — it has to be a non-negotiable part of life.”

— Catherine Kast

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