When it comes to raising two small children in the public eye all while balancing two successful acting careers, Jennifer Garner says that she and husband Ben Affleck like to keep things simple.

“The goal is that everyone is just happy and healthy,” the 37-year-old actress says in a new interview. From the sound of things, the couple are succeeding! Jennifer adds,

Especially so now that Jennifer has a new film to promote. The Invention of Lying — in theaters now — is one of the rare roles the former Alias star has said yes to in recent years. “I really have to love a project to do it, because it’s a lot of logistics with two children and a husband who is working on a set,” she concedes. “It’s very lively at our house.”

As for those times when Jennifer isn’t on set, she is determined to give Violet Anne, 3 ½, and Seraphina Rose, 9 months this week, as normal an upbringing is possible — even with the paparazzi in pursuit.

— Missy