By peoplestaff225
Updated September 25, 2007 10:22 AM

In the lead up to her new Broadway production,Cyrano de Bergerac, actress Jennifer Garner, 35, has spoken out about her work, marriage and motherhood. Jennifer is married to Ben Affleck, 35, and together they raise daughter, Violet Anne, 22 months next week.

Since shooting The Kingdom, last year Jennifer has had almost a year off to devote time to her both her marriage and daughter.

Ben, who seems to have been busier with work, still makes time for his family and fatherhood in between his directorial debut for, Gone Baby Gone — but he has also been working a lot from their LA home.

Since becoming a mother Jennifer has also taken to traditions created by her mother, such as baking, which Violet loves.

While Jennifer and Ben co-starred in Pearl Harbor and Daredevil, they aren’t planning on working together any time soon, for one main reason.

Source: Herald Sun