Jennie Garth talks about motherhood and soon-to-be-born baby

Actress Jennie Garth, 34, talked to about her third pregnancy, motherhood and media’s attitude towards celebrity babies. Garth and husband Peter Facinelli, 32, have daughters Luca Bella, 9, and Lola Ray, 3 1/2, and are expecting a third baby girl in October. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Your two older daughters Luca Bella and Lola Ray have names that begin with L, are you going to continue this with your new baby?
I want to go with another L name, however, my husband feels very strongly against it…so we will see. I need to see her, and then we will decide which name fits.

How do you balance work and motherhood? Do you and your husband use a nanny?
The balance of life is sometimes very hard…everything happens so fast. My husband is a great support, and when he is not filming, he is a full participation partner! We have a "nanny" (although I dislike that word), she is more of a friend that I wouldn’t want to be without, and she has been with us for something like 15 years! As far as the balance, I just take it one day at a time, and I make a lot of lists.

What do you think about all of the media craze around children of celebrities?
I think the media should leave the children of celebrities alone…I for one get very upset when someone photographs my kids without my knowledge or consent…it is just wrong. it confuses children, frightens them, and makes them feel like targets. Let them be kids!

Are you offended that celebrity gossip blogs are already speculating that photos of your new baby will fetch around $3000.00 for the first glance when Brad and Angelina’s baby fetched millions? Do you find this to be humorous or nonsense?
I am delightfully oblivious to such "gossip blogs."


Thanks to CBB reader Joanne.

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