Update: Jennie Garth on baby weight and preparing for baby number 4

90210 alum and Dancing With the Stars contestant Jennie Garth sat down with Us Weekly to discuss her decision to do the show, having another baby, her daughters, and how dancing has affected her body.

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DWtS contestant Jennie Garth, 35, isa mother of three, but she is secretly looking forward to thepossibility of baby number 4. Jennie, who admits that all of theirgirls have been happy surprises, thinks she knows what the future holds, given her husband’s latest behavior.

[Peter] said, ‘It’s like I got a new car!’ He can’t keep his hands off me. To the point that it’s like, enough!

I’ve lost weight and I’m looking great. And I know me. I’ll justgo get pregnant again. I actually secretly look forward to [it].

Jennie’s husband, actor Peter Facinelli, 33, has a different insight into why the actress would like to be pregnant again.

So that she could eat and have ice cream. I thought she was so sexy when she was pregnant.

And while the couple has three daughters — Luca Bella, 10, Lola Ray, 4, and Fiona Eve, 13 months — they are not hoping for a boy, as many expect couples with children of the same sex to be. Peter stated,

I only make girls.

Speaking of, they love to watch their mom on the show.

My kids all watch the show. Luca comes every other week. Lola’s bummed because she’s too young to sit in the audience.

On the topic of weight, Jennie keeps things in perspective.

I’d gained about 35 lbs in pregnancy, and I still had maternity weight to lose. I hate those women who lose weigh quickly after having a baby! I’m not that way. I hold on to a good layer of insulation.

Fiona’s birth was the first time I had a baby when I wasn’t on camera at work, so I wasn’t under pressure to get back in shape quickly. I spent the first six months not really worrying about it.

I’m always happy with my body. If I’m chubby, I love it. I like to touch my love handles! After having Fiona, it was a lot harder for me to lose the weight. It was a slow process. I’m not a person who loves to work out. I’d rather be baking a cake or something. I couldn’t lose those last 5 lbs, even though I was doing Pilates regularly.

[I’ve lost 10 lbs since the show started], but it’s moreabout the inches and toning. My jeans were a 29 when I started, and I’mwearing a 27 now. It’s great to be able to go to theback of my closet and get the clothes I wore [prebaby].

Source: People; Us Weekly. Photo by Marc Royce. .
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