Jennie Garth contemplates on competition between mothers


Actress Jennie Garth, 36, may seem to be a great mother, but she admits that in the eternal ‘mompetition’ — competition between mothers — she sometimes feels like losing it. She and husband Peter Facinelli, 34, have daughters Luca Bella, 10 ½, Lola Ray, 5, and Fiona Eve, 18 months.

I admit it: There are times when I see a mom doing something special for her kid (something that I don’t do for my kids) and I think I should be more like her. I get this brief moment of inadequacy and it makes me think I need to be doing more as a mom. I know it’s ridiculous, but that’s how I feel.

Like on St. Patrick’s Day, there was this mom who had made a lunch bag for her kid with all green foods—a green bagel, green Jell-O—and on the outside of the bag she wrote all nice and cute, "You are my lucky four-leaf clover!" I thought to myself, "Oh man, I didn’t do that for my kids. Maybe I could have. Maybe I should have!"

To read the rest of Jennie’s article, go to It is a website for parenting advice for teens, toddlers and families and in addition to ‘mompetition’, Jennie has also written about her family’s bedtime ritual and tips on healthy eating and cooking for five.

Source: Parents Connect

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