Currently 17 weeks along, Finch kicks her blog off by sharing the sex of her baby on the way - and wondering why fruits and vegetables are used to describe the size of her son!

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Jennie Finch! The recently retired softball player is expecting her second child in late June and will be sharing her pregnancy experience with us monthly.

The Olympian, 30 — who won gold in Athens and silver in Beijing — and her husband, Major League Baseball pitcher Casey Daigle, are already parents to son Ace Shane, 4½.

Currently 17 weeks along, Finch kicks her blog off by sharing the sex of her baby on the way — and wondering why fruits and vegetables are used to describe the size of her son!

We were so elated to share our baby news with everyone through The outpouring of thoughtful notes and support since last week has been amazing! It’s so fun to be able to celebrate our baby blessing with others. We have a little more news to share, too — we’re having a boy! A little brother for Ace. We’re working on names as we speak. Casey had Ace’s name picked out since we started dating, and we need one equally as special for his little brother. Any suggestions are welcome!

It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the physical changes and feelings of pregnancy these days. Feeling tired, feeling nauseated, expanding everywhere … but then I’m brought back to reality and am humbled with the incredible miracle of motherhood. It is indeed a miracle. It’s so wild to think that our baby — who started as two cells — is now the size of a turnip. I’m not sure why the baby books all use fruits and vegetables to explain the size of your child, but a turnip he is! He went from a grape to a lime to a turnip.

What a miracle to see the ultrasounds … absolutely incredible. I want to stay there for hours watching our sweet baby on the screen. It is so fascinating and reassuring to see the baby moving and all his precious growing body parts. It’s just wild. I’ve posted our ultrasound from the day we found out he was a boy — he’s giving a thumbs up!

It’s been so fun to experience this pregnancy with Ace. He is so pumped for his little brother to come along. Casey and Ace have been with me to every doctor’s visit, wanting to share the experience and know what’s going on.

With all the changes to our own bodies during pregnancy, I’ve had to take a look at my own eating and exercise habits. This is my first year of retirement from playing, and I haven’t been as disciplined as I was when I was pregnant with Ace. Back then, I was looking to try out for Team USA six weeks after giving birth, so I was eating healthy all the time and working out regularly. This time I have indulged myself a little more, especially over the holidays!

My doctor is threatening to put me on a diet to curb my cravings after I gained 12 lbs. in between visits. I’ve been loving the spicy stuff – jalapenos, Tabasco and lots of kick. Luckily heartburn hasn’t set in yet! It’s been easier to be healthier since the holidays ended. I started to think of it as feeding a life within me. One of the best parts of motherhood is that it teaches you selflessness. It’s not about me anymore, but about what’s best for our children and this baby within.

I’ve been exercising, but maybe not as regularly as I should. I’ve always worked out but it’s a whole new experience these days! The baby is just chillin’ right on top of my bladder, using it as a water bed. Especially this week when I exercised I realized I only have a few more weeks of being able to jog without feeling too much pressure. And I don’t know about other mommies-to-be, but it’s tough to find a sports bra with enough support to keep my chest comfortable — a new problem for me! I’m busting out!!

Luckily I have some good friends at my equipment company, Mizuno, who helped me out with some extra support. Meanwhile, I had to laugh when I requested some larger pants from them. My pants are busting, too … yes, I literally ripped a hole in a pair already, much to Casey’s amusement! I was trying some on for a shoot I was doing for The Doctors, and there they went! I’m down to only two pairs that still fit from my existing wardrobe. Time for maternity clothes!

It’s a little crazy because we’re packing up for spring training. Casey is a professional pitcher and has signed with the San Francisco Giants, so we’re headed to Scottsdale, Arizona soon, where the Giants have their spring training complex. We’re getting ready for the eight months of baseball season, but I’m leaving all my clothes behind except for my sweats. It doesn’t feel right!

More news and pictures from the road! Can’t wait to see what fruit our baby turns into next!!


— Jennie Finch