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I think I’m officially showing – Courtesy Jennie Finch

Thank you for welcoming back celebrity blogger Jennie Finch.

After sharing her pregnancy with now 14-month-old son Diesel Dean with us, we asked the recently retired softball player for an update on family life.

It turns out that Finch had some news to break: she’s expecting her third child — a girl! — in January!

In addition to Baby D, the Olympian, 32 — who won gold in Athens and silver in Beijing — and her husband, pitcher Casey Daigle, are also parents to son Ace Shane, 6.

You can find Finch — author of Throw Like a Girl: How to Dream Big and Believe in Yourselfon Facebook and @JFinch27 on Twitter.

This pregnancy is flying by! I’ve been keeping busy with my boys, and still traveling quite a bit for work, so that will pretty much make time fly. It’s all a blessing.

Ace is now a first grader. It’s official that summer has come and gone. We are back into bedtimes, packing lunches and homework — along with counting down the days until the weekend constantly!

Having two boys this go around, I’ve noticed that this pregnancy has been a little harder on me physically. I have to remind myself why I am so tired at times — being a working mom just like so many out there, you have to just keep pressing onward. My doctor described it as “survival mode for the first trimester” and I often still feel this way even though I’m into the second trimester.

I can’t tell you how much I respect all the single parents out there doing it all solo. I am so blessed to have Casey and the teamwork it takes to make it all go. When I do get a minute to think about our precious little girl inside of me I am reminded of what a true miracle it is. Incredible.

Yes, I said girl! We are so excited about our little darling inside of me. We are so beyond grateful for our boys, but it will be fun to add some pink in the mix. People always said, “Don’t you want a girl?” My reply has always been my boys are more than I could’ve imagined, and I am thankful for whatever we get!

I’ve been getting a lot of, “Now you have your softball player!” Yes, I get to share my pink Mizuno equipment with her — it is a fierce pink. Having two older brothers myself, I know just how special it is to have them. It’s so fun to think that she will have two older brothers to teach her, look out for her, toughen her up, to hang with and to love her.

I am so grateful she will get that same experience I had being the baby girl. I blame and credit my brothers for my competitive fire within me. Growing up, I lost at everything! My brothers are quite a bit older — 10 years and 5 years — so it was a challenge but I have some of the most amazing memories with my big brothers.

The entire family! – Courtesy Jennie Finch

Ace gets this little sweet smile every time we talk about his baby sister … it’s precious. I have no worries like I did the last time about what kind of big brother he’ll be, or that he’ll be sad with less attention. With one little brother already, he’s a pro! He is such a big help with Diesel, and such a loving, kind big brother. I know my boys will love their sister.

It was fun to be able to walk in the stores and get to look in the baby girl section. It can be dangerous, there are so many more girls clothes out there than boys. I had it easy with my boys and still do. They keep it pretty simple, and Diesel wears Ace’s hand-me-downs. As much as our little girl will have ruffles and bows, I am sure there will be a tomboy inside of her as well.

I’m feeling her kick more and more. I don’t remember my boys kicking this early, or maybe I didn’t recognize it my first couple times. She is really active and she often makes herself known when I’m rocking Diesel (our 14-month-old) and giving him a bottle.

I get tickled inside thinking how am I going to rock two little ones! It will all work out, and we have some time before she comes to figure it out. All you mamas out there with little ones right in a row, give me your tips! How did you balance two under two?

For now we are excited to get our fall softball camps going. We have a busy fall schedule with six of them. It keeps me on my toes, keeps me pitching and in shape. I love getting out there on the field with the girls who love the game.

It’s my favorite thing to do, and it’s a family affair for us. Everyone travels — my dad, mom, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sometimes even the cousins. Plus I have my former teammates come in. It’s a great time, and I look forward to those softball-centric mini-reunions!

Let me know how you handle two under two in the comments below, or send me a Tweet — I’m @JFinch27.

My Tuesday morning workout – Courtesy Jennie Finch

Still dreaming and believing,

— Jennie Finch

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