Jenna Johnson Opens Up About '2 Years of Infertility' After Announcing Pregnancy: 'Don't Give Up'

Jenna Johnson shared an Instagram video showing the moment she learned she was pregnant

Jenna Johnson got candid on Tuesday about her journey towards pregnancy, revealing that she went through two years of infertility before finally conceiving.

Just days after her and husband Val Chmerkovskiy announced they were going to become parents, the Dancing with the Stars pro, 28, looked back at the happy moment she first received a positive result from her pregnancy test, sharing a video of the milestone on Instagram.

"The moment my whole world changed 🥺," Johnson wrote, captioning a video of the sheer surprise she experienced when she first saw the result.

She went on to take three additional tests, panning the camera across all four positive results.

"We had actually stopped trying to conceive for about 6 months to mentally/emotionally give ourselves a break," Johnson wrote in the caption. "So the shock, disbelief, and sheer joy in this moment is a memory I will never forget 🤍"

Johnson also included a short clip of herself getting her first ultrasound.

She explained further in her caption that " "our journey getting to this point wasn't an easy one," opening up about the pain of experiencing months and months of negative results.

"I remember watching people share these videos and aching because I wished so badly I could experience that joy," Johnson wrote. "After two years of infertility, and hundreds of negative tests after negative tests, it was heart wrenching at times to stay optimistic and made me question whether I would ever have this opportunity."

Jenna Johnson attends the Brooks Brothers Hosts Special Holiday Celebration To Benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
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She went on to say that she will "go into more depth" about her and 36-year-old Chmerkovskiy's journey toward pregnancy at a later time. But she encouraged anyone struggling with pregnancy issues to not "lose HOPE."

"It may not happen on your timeline and the journey may rip your heart open at times, but don't give up on yourself and your precious baby! It will happen ✨," Johnson wrote.

Johnson and Chmerkovskiy exclusively revealed to PEOPLE on July 15 that were expecting their first baby.

In the piece, Johnson opened up about the creative way in which she shared the news with her husband.

"I went and I got these little Baby Jordans, these white sneakers," she said. "I put them in a box that was his size of Nikes. So he didn't expect anything. Then I put two little pregnancy tests in there. I had been shaking at home waiting for him to come home. So he nonchalantly walked in and he, ironically enough, had a bag of Nikes. I was like, 'Did you go shopping today?' He was like, 'Yeah, I got myself some new sneakers.' I'm like, 'No way. I got some too today.'"

"He came over and chucked off the lid of the box and started rummaging through it," she added. "He looked at the shoes and was like, 'How small are these sneakers?' Then it hit him and his face ... it was priceless."

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Just shy of her second trimester, Johnson said her first trimester has been quite the journey — but she has been doing everything in her power to stay mindful and positive.

"The first trimester is a scary time and there's so many things that can go wrong, potentially," she said. "I just have taken this time to really relax and try to stay calm and keep my body healthy. Which has been hard, because I'm a really active person. I love to work out. I love to dance. But I've just made it a priority for myself to really make a shift and to prioritize the baby and what was happening and all of these new changes."

"One of the best things for me was finding peace and not having to feel like I needed to be so busy and insanely active," she continued. "I think I'm just giving my body the necessary rest. I think that's the best thing I can do for myself. It's also just taught me that I can be okay with downtime. I don't need to overwork myself."

Johnson is due in January 2023.

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