Jenna Jameson Reflects on Her Pregnancy and Postpartum Weight Loss: 'We Can Regain Ourselves'

Jameson reassured her followers about their capabilities of losing weight after giving birth in her latest Instagram post on Thursday

It may not be Monday, but Jenna Jameson is still motivating her fellow mamas.

In her latest Instagram post, the former adult film star, 44, opened up about the “sacrifices” of being pregnant and the body’s ability to lose the weight afterward.

Sharing a side-by-side photo of herself in a bikini when she was pregnant with daughter Batel Lu along with one after she shed more than 80 lbs., Jameson reminded her followers that a transformation is possible but to love yourself at all stages.

“I was just going through my images and I came across these beautiful pregnancy pics we took in Palm Springs,” she began the motivational post. “I was 38 weeks pregnant and felt like a truck.”

Jenna Jameson/Instagram

“But I’ve never felt more beautiful than when I was with child,” she revealed. “I remember feeling so frightened for when my daughter was born and I couldn’t blame being heavy on the pregnancy. Ugh. I prayed for breastfeeding to give me an easy way out. It didn’t. I was scared my belly would sag down and never tighten.”

Jenna Jameson/Instagram

Though Jameson acknowledged that her concerns sounded “vain,” she expressed her belief that “every mama on earth silently worries” about the postpartum weight loss and reassured her followers that regaining their bodies after giving birth was possible.

“Yes we love our babies and we would do it over again in a second, but we sacrifice so much!” she continued. “This after picture shows that we can do it! We can regain ourselves. We can do it without surgery (not that I’m against surgery) So to all of you sweet pregnant mamas out there or you newly postpartum mamas… I see you.♥️”

She also added the hashtags: “#motherhood #beforeandafter #postpartum #postpartumweightloss #mombod #selflove”

Since welcoming her daughter with fiancé Lior Bitton in April 2017, Jameson has been very open about the up and downs of her post-baby body journey and the realities of motherhood.

Jameson is also mother to 9-year-old twin boys Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette Ortiz from a previous relationship with former UFC champion Tito Ortiz.

Jenna Jameson/Instagram

In October, the star opened up about bodily changes that come with having a baby and encouraged her fellow moms to take pride in their “beautiful amazing body.”

“so the funny before pic is me 1 month postpartum. This is the truth and reality of what us women go through after having a baby. Exhausted, in love… and wondering who the hell the person staring back at them in the mirror is,” she began the post, alongside a before and after shot of herself.

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In the first image, Jameson was featured wearing a sports bra and underwear with a towel on her head, while the after shot showed off her flatter stomach and increased leg muscle.

Admitting that she only captured the shot to remember her body’s “amazing” capabilities, Jameson also explained that she did not anticipate showing the photo to anyone else.

“I remember taking that pic just so I could remember my beautiful amazing body that just birthed a queen,” she said. “But I also remember thinking ‘ NO ONE WILL EVER SEE THIS PIC ‘ 😭 ”

Jenna Jameson/Instagram

The former adult film star then had a change-of-heart about sharing the photo in the hope she could help inspire her fellow mommy followers.

“I was wrong. I want other mommy’s to know we are all alike,” she continued. “We all struggle. But we can take control back. Back from society who makes us think we need to ‘SnapBack’. Yes I lost my weight, yes I am proud. But I am much more proud of the mother that I am.”

Later that month, Jameson reminded her followers that perfection is not realistic, especially when it comes to motherhood.

“Sometimes I forget to take it easy on myself. I think as women we are ‘trained’ into thinking we have to be perfect,” she said. “We are expected to be amazing moms, SnapBack from hard pregnancies in 6 weeks, juggle careers and kids ballet classes and baseball games, be amazing lovers and never complain. Oh and shower.”

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But even with the endless list of responsibilities and demands Jameson experienced as a mother, she explained that it’s not the goals and appearances that matter, but rather the person she is.

“I have begun to forgive myself for not meeting every goal and perception,” she wrote. “Since I’ve allowed myself room to breathe, I’ve blossomed… into a patient, grateful mother. This is the woman I want my daughter to emulate.”

In addition to speaking out about the realities of motherhood, Jameson has also been an avid supporter of the keto diet — which she swears by — and going to the gym.

Jameson, who first tried the the high-fat, low-carb eating plan in March as a last-ditch effort to lose the baby weight, has since lost more than 80 lbs. on the diet.

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