The star explained how nursing her daughter Batel Lu since the day she was born has helped the duo form a strong relationship

By Joelle Goldstein
October 30, 2018 10:42 PM

Jenna Jameson is keeping it real when it comes to motherhood.

On Tuesday, the 44-year-old former adult film star shared a photo of herself breastfeeding on Instagram and explained how nursing her daughter Batel Lu since the day she was born has helped the duo form a strong relationship.

“18 months nursing this little angel,” she wrote alongside a photo of her breastfeeding her 1½-year-old. “I can’t describe the incredible bond full term breastfeeding creates.”

Although Jameson acknowledged that nursing a baby — especially for 18 months — hasn’t always been easy, she says the experience has been worthwhile.

Jenna Jameson/Instagram

“It’s hard work, time consuming and sometimes frustrating… but I wouldn’t change one second,” she wrote.

She also added the hashtags #fulltermbreastfeeding, #breastfeeding, #nursingmom, #liquidgold, #normalizebreastfeeding, and #breastfeedingtoddler.

Jenna Jameson and daughter Batel Lu in September 2018
Jenna Jameson/Instagram

Jameson — also mom to twin sons Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette, 9 — has been a longtime advocate for breastfeeding.

While her posts typically promote the positive side of nursing a child, Jameson often speaks to the challenges and unglamorous moments that mothers face too.

Last month, Jameson shared another photo of herself nursing Batel Lu, this time next to stacks of boxes and envelopes ready to be dropped in the mail.

Jenna Jameson nursing Batel Lu
Jenna Jameson/Instagram
Jenna Jameson nursing Batel Lu
Jenna Jameson/Instagram

“Yes, it can be hectic … yes I’m exhausted by 8 pm, no I have zero energy to go out,” she said. “But I wouldn’t change a SINGLE thing!”

And in March, the star shared a photo of her breastfeeding her daughter in the shower and wrote, “This is motherhood. It’s not always shiny and perfect like so many instagrammers make us believe.”

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“There are days you question your strength and abilities. But then there are HARD days like today that prove your uncompromising power,” she continued. “I haven’t slept for two days and poor Batelli has been vomiting every 40 min like clockwork.”

“We are in this together,” Jameson added. “So here’s to all of you selfless mamas out there, you make this world go round. #normalizebreastfeeding.”