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Updated January 11, 2010 06:00 PM

Calling herself “reproductively opportunistic” when she discovered her character on Accidentally on Purpose would be pregnant during the first season, Jenna Elfman let husband Bodhi know it was now or never! “Luckily Mother Nature went along with that and helped us out. Everything went pretty smooth,” she shared recently on The Early Show.

And while she may have planned this pregnancy, Jenna was not prepared in the least for all that it has entailed! “I looked five months pregnant when I was three months pregnant,” she admits.

Quick to clarify that carrying a baby is, indeed, a “great thing,” it was the initial rough start and now, the last leg of the journey, that has her hoping the end is near.

That same burgeoning belly, notes Jenna, is often quite the attention-seeker when out and about. “I’m seven months [but] I look much bigger and many people like to say that as I go through places like the airport,” she says. “The guy who’s in charge of baggage was telling me how humongous I was. I said, ‘Awesome! I flew all the way here, thank you, I appreciate that.'”

Despite the not-so-subtle observations, an understanding Jenna isn’t looking to place blame.

As for soon-to-be big brother Story Elias, the proud mama says her 2-year-old is ready for his new role. “He gives my belly kisses and says, ‘Baby,'” she raves. “[He] wants the baby to come out and play trains.”

Jenna is due with her second son in early March.

Source: Early Show

— Anya