Jenna Elfman chat about her 'happy guy,' Story Elias


Actress Jenna Elfman, 36, spoke with Us Weekly about her ‘happy guy‘ — son Story Elias, 5 months. Here are the highlights:

Her favorite part of motherhood:

Carrying him everywhere — honestly, that is my favorite thing. I take him to meetings, carry him around the house to do chores or put him in the Baby Bjorn and go shopping.

On her busy bee:

He’s so social! He loves to look at people, and he’s very friendly.

On food and getting out of the house:

They say six months before you introduce solids, but he’s really eyeballing my food. For now we’ll stick to breast milk. We bring it in the bottle, because we’re out and about so much. He can hold his own bottle now! I keep my Storksak diaper bag stocked at all times, ready to go.

Source: Us Weekly, January 7th issue, p. 57

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