September 16, 2015 01:15 PM

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Supergirl? More like supermom!

After wowing the crowd with a phenomenal dance routine alongside partner Travis Wall on the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, Jenna Dewan-Tatum admits that the stage isn’t the only place she busts out the moves.

In fact, she might even have a cuter, yet tinier, dance partner: Daughter Everly.

“Everly loves a good dance party,” Dewan-Tatum told PEOPLE of her and husband Channing Tatum‘s 2 year old at the show’s finale Monday.

“She definitely is a Frozen fan at the moment. All we do is dance to Frozen and it’s fun. Every now and again, I can get her to change it over and we listen to some actual fun pop music and she’ll be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, so Let It Go.’ “

Though the proud mom has maintained a hectic schedule with the SYTYCD rehearsal and filming her role as Lucy Lane on CBS’ upcoming Supergirl, Dewan-Tatum cherishes the little moments she gets with her daughter.

Admitting that they read “four hundred [books] a night,” the actress finds that story time has actually helped motivate Everly to try things she wouldn’t normally try.

“[Everly]’s really into gymnastics. There’s one [book], it’s called Tina Tumbles,” Dewan-Tatum explains. “She tells me she’s doing cartwheels. We go to a little baby gymnastics class so I got her to wear a leotard because Tina Tumbles wears a leotard. That’s her favorite. That’s her go-to right now.”

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Though the Step Up alum admits that she would embrace her daughter’s future decision to be a dancer or an actress, she really just wants Everly to have her own experiences.

“I’m going to let her have whatever future she wants to have. I’m not going to push anything,” Dewan-Tatum explains. “Obviously, if it was dance, it would be something that’s in my wheelhouse. I just want her to be happy and passionate about something in life. That would make me happy.”

— Christina Dugan

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