March 14, 2014 09:00 AM

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum is learning just how strong husband Channing Tatum‘s genes are — literally.

The new mom jokes that the couple’s daughter, Everly, has inherited the Sexiest Man Alive‘s build and the proof is in Dewan-Tatum’s amazing body after baby.

“[I stay fit by] carrying my baby all day long and carting her around,” the actress, 33, told PEOPLE at the opening of Caudalie’s West Coast flagship boutique and spa in Venice, Calif. on Tuesday.

“She’s not little. She’s definitely getting my husband’s genes — I’m getting my arm workout by that.”

The first-time mom, who attended the event only after putting her daughter to bed, admits she favors nights spent with her on-the-go girl.

“She’s standing and … she’s scooching. Something called cruising. She’s awesome — she’s so happy and I love it,” Dewan-Tatum says. “My nights in with her are so much fun. I had to tear myself away to come out tonight.”

Although her daughter is 9 months old and still too young for most games, the Witches of East End star says Everly finds ways to have fun while putting her mom to work.

“She’s very much into these building blocks. So we build lots of things and she tears them down,” she shares. “And then I build them and she tears them down again. It’s a very fun game between the two of us.”

Her other love? Books — but not to read! “I’m reading Rapunzel to her and she’s like I don’t really care, I just want to put it in my mouth and chew on it. So we’re at that stage,” she jokes.

While stepping out for the evening may be a struggle, Dewan-Tatum encourages moms to let go of the guilt.

“Try your hardest not to worry so much and release the guilt,” she says. “Enjoy the moment and know you’re doing the best that you can.”

— Anya Leon

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