January 01, 2014 03:50 PM

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Little Everly Tatum is not a Mother Goose kind of girl.

When her mom Jenna Dewan-Tatum wants to put her down for a nap, the 7-month-old prefers something far more hip, much like her dancing parents who know how to rock out hard to funk-inspired music.

“Lest you think that it’s all baby talk, Everly has more modern taste,” Dewan-Tatum, 33, tells the January issue of Ocean Drive magazine. “She is obsessed with Drake‘s ‘Hold on, We’re Going Home.’ If I put that on, she will sleep in five seconds.”

And who else does the princess die for? None other than R&B stylist Prince, whose “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” is also a sleepy time fave.

“There’s no nursery rhymes, no sweet nursery music to put her down. She is like, ‘No, please. I like the hits.’ I’d like to think that Drake and Prince are pretty badass for a little girl,” Dewan-Tatum says, noting her life with husband Channing Tatum, 33, has become a happy “circus” since the arrival of their daughter.

The actors, who both got their starts as professional dancers, meeting on the set of the 2006 dance film, Step Up, are transferring their healthy and active lifestyle to their baby girl. Caring for an infant helped Dewan-Tatum, a vegan, bounce right back into enviable post-pregnancy shape.

“When Everly was born, I was literally rocking her probably 10 times a day for 45 minutes, and I turned it into a workout, doing squats and lunges around the house,” she says of her fitness routine.

Tatum, who earned PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” honors in 2012, has become the apple of his daughter’s eye —  even if he is away working and uses Facetime to connect.

Fortunately, Everly easily recognizes Daddy’s face and touches the phone when she sees him.

“He’s Mr. Play Funtime Dad. So every time he comes in, he’s singing to her,” the Witches of East End star says. “He holds her and dances around and she’s laughing. She literally lights up when he walks in the room.”

— Andrea Billups

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