Jenna Dewan's Daughter Loves Being a Big Sister: 'She Keeps Asking' When They 'Can Share a Room'

Jenna Dewan tells PEOPLE her daughter was "so excited" to meet her new baby brother

Jenna Dewan
Photo: Jenna Dewan/Instagram

In addition to the joy they’re experiencing with newborn son Callum Michael Rebel, Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are delighted that Dewan’s daughter Everly, 6, with ex-husband Channing Tatum, is loving everything about being a big sister so far.

“I was so excited for her to meet her little brother,” Dewan tells PEOPLE about Everly meeting Callum. “She came to the hospital and it was adorable. She nuzzled him, she cuddled with him. She kept talking in a little baby voice and she was showing him pictures.”

The actress, 39, says that Everly is especially loving being Mama’s “little helper.”

“She always wants to hold Callum,” says Dewan. “I don’t push him on her, but she’s been so excited and very loving towards him and open and cuddly.”

“She keeps asking me when she can share a room with him,” Dewan adds with a laugh.

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Jenna Dewan
Jenna Dewan/Instagram
Jenna Dewan baby
Jenna Dewan with son Callum. Elizabeth Messina

Everly’s big sister skills so far include assisting Mom with Callum’s diaper and outfit changes.

“She knows to get the wipes [for diaper changes]. I encourage her to help,” says Dewan. “I let her pick out what he’s going to wear during the day and his outfits for bedtime. She also has a lullaby that she likes to sing to him.”

Dewan and Kazee, 44, are sharing several exclusive photos of their son Callum with PEOPLE, taken by photographer Elizabeth Messina.

Jenna Dewan baby
Elizabeth Messina

Callum was born via cesarean section on March 6 in Los Angeles. Dewan says the birth was a “beautiful” bonding experience for the family and that Callum happened to arrive while one of her favorite soothing songs was playing in the background — “The Devi Prayer,” a 20-minute Sanskrit prayer conducive to relaxation and meditation.

“It’s a very peaceful song,” says Dewan. “It always puts me at ease. I put that on our playlist and I said to Steve, ‘If I ever start to look like I’m getting anxious or if I was having a rough time, just please play that.’ He was actually born to that song.”

Dewan also says she felt prepared and present for Callum’s birth.

“I’d heard this from a lot of people, that there’s something that happens with the second baby, that there’s a little bit more calm and peace in knowing what’s happening,” she says. “Knowing what’s coming down the line, you are able to be a little more present and enjoy all of it and it’s so true.”

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