Jenn Brown Debuts Body After Baby: The Last 15 Lbs. Were 'Frustrating'

"I had an extra 15 lbs. or so that no matter what I was eating - [and] I was working out - I just couldn't get it off," she tells PEOPLE

Television host Jenn Brown and husband Wes Chatham happily welcomed baby boy John Nash into their lives last November.

While being a mommy has been “the best thing in the world” for Brown, getting back into shape proved to be a bit of a struggle.

“I had an extra 15 lbs. or so that no matter what I was eating — [and] I was working out — I just couldn’t get it off,” she tells PEOPLE. “That for me was frustrating.”

Despite friends telling her nursing would help melt the extra weight off, it just wasn’t happening. After Brown stopped breastfeeding, she turned to USANA Reset, a weight-management program that replaces meals with nutritional shakes and bars.

Jenn Brown Usana body after baby

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A friend, who drank the shakes at work, introduced her to the program. Brown’s Reset regimen consists of two shakes a day plus one healthy meal (usually dinner) and a few of the program’s snack bars in between.

“I think I gained anywhere between 35 to 45 lbs. [during my pregnancy] and I’m actually under [my pre-pregnancy weight now]. I’m really close to my wedding weight,” she shares. “It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie.”

Brown, 34, says the pressure of losing weight is even more magnified while being on camera. “I think any woman can relate: When you don’t feel your best, it can affect you mentally and your confidence,” she says.

Juggling dieting, work and being a mom has been a challenge for Brown, but she says it’s doable for new moms if they have a plan. “The first thing I would say is don’t beat yourself up,” Brown advises. “There’s no set timetable to have to bounce back.”

Chatham, 36, has been supportive of his wife throughout the weight-loss process. “He’s been great in terms of moral support,” she shares. “When I got in my bikini, he was like, ‘Oh, looking good!’ Hearing your husband say that makes you feel great.”

Chatham has also gotten his taste of USANA — Brown, who is a product ambassador, admits he steals her chocolate shakes. “He’s a big chocoholic,” she says. “I personally like the strawberry [shake] the best.”

Jenn Brown Usana body after baby

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Because of Chatham’s work, he’s missed out on most of Nash’s early life. But Brown is always trying to capture the baby’s milestones and sends photos and videos to him all the time.

Nash’s most recent milestone is sleeping through the night, thanks to Chatham’s mom, who worked hard to get her grandson to sleep while his parents were on location in Thailand.

“I was crazy happy!” says Brown, who traveled with Chatham to shoot his upcoming film with Blake Lively, All I See Is You, in Bangkok.

Since returning from Thailand — where Brown jokes she ate more rice in five days than she has in an entire year — the new mama has restarted USANA.

“I know that in the world of being in front of the camera, you see some people say, ‘I’ve just got good genetics’ and ‘I had a baby and I was back in my size 3 weeks after!’ ” she explains. “I’m sure that it does happen for people, and that’s wonderful for them, but I struggled and I wanted to share that journey.”

— Christina Butan

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