June 16, 2013 10:30 AM

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Living in Miami, life is certainly a beach for Jeffrey Donovan — and the new dad is extremely excited to share it all with his baby girl.

Set to show her the shore this weekend, Sunday will mark two milestones for Donovan’s family: his first Father’s Day and his 6-month-old daughter’s first seaside adventure.

“We’re going to find a little beach that has this little protective lagoon so she can swim for the first time,” the Burn Notice star, 45, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We got this little baby raft … [we’ll] float her around and let her experience the ocean.”

And if his little one is as quick in the water as she is on land, she’ll be sure to keep her proud parents on their toes. “She’s already yelling out, ‘Dada, dada,’ and crawling on every piece of furniture. She’s a little acrobat,” Donovan says.

“I turn around and she’s climbing the wall and it’s an amazing experience. [She’s] my pride and joy. I couldn’t be happier.”

In fact, first-time fatherhood has been going so swimmingly well that the actor is more than willing to recommend the role, but only if the timing is right. “I’m a happy new father and it’s the most amazing experience. I highly recommend it — with the right woman!” he says. “My wife [Michelle] is a great, great mother.”

Donovan will soon be doting on his wife when the couple set out to finally celebrate their honeymoon. “When the show wraps at the end of July, I’m going to take a little bit of a break. My wife and I never officially got a honeymoon because of work so we’re actually going to take a few weeks off and travel out of the country and then when we come back it’ll be family time,” he says.

— Anya Leon

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