Jeannie Mai Jenkins Says Daughter Monaco Has Husband Jeezy's Eyes and Nose: 'My Favorite Twins'

“They’re like two peas in a pod," Jeannie Mai tells PEOPLE of her husband Jeezy and daughter Monaco

Jeanie Mai
Jeannie Mai. Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty

Jeannie Mai Jenkins is gushing over her new set of "twins" at home.

While chatting with PEOPLE about her Mother's Day gift guide with Amazon Launchpad, the new mom, 43, reveals that her 4-month-old daughter Monaco has the cutest relationship with her husband Jeezy.

"They're like two peas in a pod, and it doesn't help that she looks pretty much like him," says Mai Jenkins. "She has his eyes, she has his nose."

"I'm looking at my favorite twins in the world whenever I wake up," she continues, adding that she loves being able to "discover new things" about both Monaco and Jeezy as they build their daddy-daughter bond.

"His parenting ways are funny, too," the former The Real co-host explains of the rapper. "Like he sings these songs in a whole other key to Monaco that I've never heard him perform."

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Jeannie Mai
Bennett Raglin/Getty

Mai Jenkins says Jeezy — whom she married March 2021 — has been a "dream husband" and has given her a lot of postpartum support as she adjusts to motherhood, especially while figuring out the "full-time job" of breastfeeding her baby girl.

"It's hard because it's an every three-hour full-time job," she says. "Like every three hours, I'm pumping, I'm massaging my breasts, I'm trying to get enough to fill a feeding, I'm taking the pills, I'm drinking the tea, I'm eating the cookies. I'm doing everything to maximize that every three hours."

Mai Jenkins adds, "It's just a lot of pressure — yes, I'm putting on myself — to perform. But I'm trying and I want to reward myself just for doing that."

The pressure of motherhood is why the television personality teamed up with Amazon Launchpad ahead of her first Mother's Day to curate a gift guide that will ease some stress.

"There's so much, not just on Amazon but in the world, to shop through when it comes to gifts for moms," she says. "I think you can get inundated and confused and nobody really has the time to read all the reviews and things that people say."

"So for me, being a new mom and being so scrutinizing about the products I bring into our home, I love that I was able to pick apart the things that I really love or need and that worked for me, so that you can get a first-hand experience on whether or not you should buy something," the mom of one adds.

Mai Jenkins admits that what all moms need, herself included, is "any way to get time for herself."

jeannie mai

Despite the desire for a little extra sleep or relaxation, Mai Jenkins can't get over being a girl mom, sharing that she's obsessed with how much Monaco has developed and doesn't want to miss anything she does.

"She's starting to track you. You can see when all of a sudden she wakes up and her eyes focus in on you. It's so adorable," she says. "It's been a crazy experience. You're seeing a human being come to life in front of us."

"At 4 months, this is that moment where they're starting to lightly giggle. You can hear their laughter, which is a ringtone for me," Mai Jenkins adds with a laugh. "Like, I want it to be my doorbell sound, I want it to be my notification sound. It's so cute."

For Mai Jenkins, becoming a mom has been a "magical" and "exhilarating" experience and she's "never felt so proud of myself, and never felt so much more like a woman" than after welcoming Monaco.

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