By peoplestaff225
Updated September 17, 2007 01:16 PM

I am contributing to a fall shopping guide sponsored by JC Penney. My first post was published today, about HABA’s new beds/play environments. I saw the beds at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas that Josh, Anya and I just arrived home from. I think it’s super cute and would love to have one for Anya when she’s older. (Right now we can barely get her to sleep in her crib!)

Check it out and then check out the other posts by great parenting bloggers like Dooce, The Mommy Blog, Amalah, Parent Hacks, Sweetney, and Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, plus home improvement blogs like Craftzine and Paper Napkin.

Note: I am being paid to write the reviews on the shopping guide, but I get to choose what I write about. Since I just came from the ABC Kids Expo and saw lots of great new products, I am trying to write about those. I don’t quite get it, but hey, getting paid to write about stuff I like… awesome.