Update: Pregnant British singer Javine Hylton poses nude

Update: Added more quotes from the interview.

Originally posted February 5th: British singer Javine Hylton is expecting her first child with R&B star MC Harvey, 28, on February 18th and she wants everyone to know it. The 26-year-old has posed nude for this month’s issue of Closer Magazine and shared how she feels about her body. In the magazine, Javine states,

I feel a bit rubbish about myself — I certainly don’t feel sexy. I’m usually 10 st 7 lbs [147 pounds], but I’ve put on 3 st [42 pounds]. All I’m doing is sitting at home eating! My bum’s got really big — it has its own little personality.

My body just doesn’t look like mine. I think Harvey thinks that too. He takes the mickey out of my bum. I guess it’s hard for your partner. The body that was ‘theirs’ suddenly looks completely different, and I don’t think that they look at you in quite the same way.

I’ve just got bigger all over. When I first got pregnant, I seemed to puff up and I had a lot of water retention. Now the rest of my body has spread, though my face has stayed fairly normal.

Javine didn’t know what to expect with pregnancy nor was she aware of the mood swings she would have.

At the beginning I was really up and down. I’m so close to my sister Colette, and my mum, Paula — I see them just about every day — but I was really grumpy and we kept arguing. I’ve calmed down a lot now. I’ve reached the chilled out stage of my pregnancy. I felt so sick all the time. I was nearly throwing up three, four times a day — kind of dry retching. It didn’t stop me eating though. No way!

One thing that has the singer a little disappointed is the lack of cravings.

I was quite looking forward to sending Harvey down the garage at midnight to pick up weird snacks, but it’s not happened. I just love to eat everything really!

Javine also shared that she and Harvey do know the sex of their baby, but aren’t sharing.

We do know and we’ve bought everything for it. I just want to have it now! We both like the name Rica for boy and Sahara for a girl.

Despite being in love with each other, there are no wedding plans in the future for the pair.

No way. Certainly not right now! I don’t need to be married to be committed — what’s a bigger commitment than having a child anyway? Harvey’s more traditional than me, but I come from a family of unmarried parents so it’s not a big issue for me. Who knows? Maybe when things have calmed down a bit we’ll see. But right now, we’re just looking forward to our baby.

The photo can be viewed by clicking below. Please be aware that although tasteful, she is nude.

Source: Closer Magazine, Feb. 9-15th issue, pgs. 30-31; The Sun

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